Delivering something new, that’s what we do at Calistta

We are committed to provide products for the demanding generation

Constantly developing new formulations with stability and sustainability for human kind globally, the R&D facility led by Dr Saumil Mehta at Calistta Healthcare focuses on multiple products naming tablets, capsules, injectables, derma. We pursue our passion of effective formulation development & scale up production of products with well qualified staff & quality control tools.

Equipment at Formulation R&D and Manufacturing unit

Homogenizers & stirrers
Micro to large scale vessels
pH meters and balances
Filling machines
Tapping machine
Manufacturing vessels with homogenizers
Tube filling & sealing machine
Capping machine
Labelling machine
Code printing machine
Shrinking machines
Wrapping machine
Powder grinding machine
Powder filling machine

Instruments at analytical R&D and Quality control unit

Gas Chrmotography
UV spectrophotometers
Inductive couple plasma optical emission spectrometry
Infrared spectroscopy
Ovens & Muffle furnace
Karl Fischer
pH meters & balances
Dissolution chambers
Humidity / Stability chambers

Why Calistta ?

Understanding to convert your ideas into reality
Strong Research & Development Facility
Strong technology transfer team
FDA approved mass production capabilities
Collaborations with transporters to deliver products at any where in India.
Collaborations with other manufacturers for product extensions & fasten support