Hygiene Products

Maintaining one’s hygiene is the most essential aspect anyone can do. Our hygiene is important to our overall health and that’s why consumers will find numerous products in the market to take care of their hygiene.

However, sometimes regular hygiene products don’t offer the same level of care for our intimate body parts. Those are sensitive regions that require a gentler product to effectively cleanse and also remain safe to use. Intimate hygiene care is essential in our lives and is necessary to keep various aspects of our lives in tune.

Intimate hygiene products come in various forms – gels, wipes and washes among others. Only the best private label intimate hygiene companies like Calistta Health Care ensure manufacturing top quality products.

Our Hygiene Products range includes but not limited to..

Sanetizers (Alcohol, Non-Alcohol, Gel & Water Based)
Hand Washes
Body Washes